Save Time on the Web with Instapaper

I’m all about surfing the web more efficiently. With Instapaper, save all the pages you want to go back with one click. The queue will wait patiently until you have the time to catch up on all those gems you didn’t have the time to delve into. They have a bookmarlet and iphone/ipad app. You can send text versions of pages to your kindle or ipod touch and read even when you’re offline (read: stuck in a subway tunnel).

No pressure, just read. The best part of Instapaper is that there are no social networking gimmicks involved. No friending, following or tweeting. You save your pages and read them later, undisturbed from all of those vices that stop us from reading.

They break it down pretty simply:

Author: Resourceful Girl

Beauty isn't always pretty. Careers aren't always successful. And sometimes life is a big fucking mess. Get resourceful.

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