Clean The Junk Out Of Your Purse Already!

Life is messy and purses are an example of that mess. Receipts, change, bobby pins, keys, phones, cameras. wallets, lip gloss, hand lotion, tide to go, hand sanitizer….. I could go on. My purse is always a disaster. Ideally, at the end of each week you would have enough time to sit down and clean everything out and start fresh for the following week. But, as we all know, time is a bitch. Every other week or, at the very least, once a month clean out all the junk.

Here are a few tips for the job from Home Made Simple.

Dump and Declutter
From duplicate cosmetics to expired coupons to tattered business cards, the odds and ends in your purse can really add up. Throw all of the bits and scraps to the trash and place other items, like excess makeup and paperwork, in their proper locations.

Once your purse is empty, consider what exactly is essential to carry in your purse. Everybody will have their own opinions and needs, and the ultimate decision comes down to your own preferences. With that in mind, here are seven items we think you should always carry:

1. Keys
2. ID
3. Important medical information, medications and health card
4. Notepad and pen
5. Emergency cash and credit card
6. Cellphone
7. Small flashlight

Divide and Conquer
With our essentials and your own must-haves ready to go, clever organization is crucial to maintaining your purse’s new-found tidiness. Here are some inventive ideas to keep everything neatly separated and ready for access:

* Zip it Up. Break similar items into categories such as health, grooming and office. Next, place like products into small, clear zippered bags. Not only will you be able to clearly identify what you’re looking for, but also neatly transfer each bag from purse to purse.

RG TIP: Use fabric pouches (maybe those free promo makeup bags you have sitting around) to separate purse items.

* Clip it. Keys have a way of nestling into the farthest depths of your purse. Call off the search party with a convenient key clip or carabiner. Simply fasten the clip to a strap and secure them by zipping your purse shut.

* Secure it. Phones seem to disappear every time an incoming call rings. A phone pouch helps prevents scratches and ensures you’ll reach for the same spot the next time you phone rings, whether it be on the strap or secured to a pocket.

* Go Small. Travel-size cosmetics, pain relievers and toiletries are great for conserving space. Just as effective as their larger versions, simply replace as each gets low. And don’t forget Febreze® Fabric Refresher™ TO GO, sized just right for a little freshness wherever you go.

Tip: Despite our best efforts, purses tend to fill up with loose change, postage stamps and small pieces of trash. Create a catch-all bag for all those little items that don’t logically fit into your overall purse organization strategy. Just remember to clean it out regularly to keep the clutter under control.

* Exercise Restraint. Integrated pockets are excellent for keeping items organized, efficiently returning things to the same pocket is quite another story. Try to limit one or two items to each pocket, and if possible, limit your use to only the most convenient locations.

Photo – Valerie Renee/Flikr

Author: Resourceful Girl

Beauty isn't always pretty. Careers aren't always successful. And sometimes life is a big fucking mess. Get resourceful.

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