DIY: Anything With Spray Paint

Krylon is making a killing right now. Spray paint DIY projects are popping up everywhere. It’s a cheap way to make crap you have around the house look interesting. Try a few out at a time and experiment a little. You may not be Banksy, but you will be one crafty mofo. Here is a short list of our favorite projects. How-To pages are linked at the end of the post.

1. Pottery
2. Lace Tiles
3. Twister
4. Candle Holders
5. Spice Jars
6. Lamp Shade
7. Cute Storage
8. Book Ends
9. Fancy Handles
10. Vase Display
11. Occasion Soap
12. Door Mat
13. Word Art
14. Painted Pillows
15. Gold Nature

Author: Resourceful Girl

Beauty isn't always pretty. Careers aren't always successful. And sometimes life is a big fucking mess. Get resourceful.

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